Driver card

The features of the driver card are:

  • Data regarding the driver card (card number, issuing member State and authority, date of issue)
  • Information about the card holder (surname(s) and first name(s), date of birth, preferred language).
  • Information about the driver's driving licence (licence number, issuing member State and authority).
  • Information about the use of the card in the vehicle (date, time and mileage when card inserted in central unit, date, time and mileage when card ejected from the central unit, vehicle registration number).
  • Information about the driver's activities, including those entered manually (date and distance travelled, change of activity, time of change in status if there are multiple drivers).
  • Geographical places (start or end of work in each country or region),
  • Events and attempts to fraud the system (interference with driving times, attempts to violate security mechanisms, interruptions in power supply, card errors).
  • Information about control activities (date and time, number of control card and issuing member State, type of control - printing, display or downloading of data - and time of downloading data)
  • The validity period is 5 years.
  • Cost of the card: 74 euros

The application for a driver card (initial application or renewal) must be accompanied by:

  • A duly completed driver card application form (Demande en obtention d'une carte de conducteur);
  • a valid ID document for the applicant;
  • A copy of the applicant's driving license, valid for driving a vehicle covered by the regulation indicated in point 1;
  • A recent photograph on flexible paper, 35 mm wide and 45 mm high, of the proposed card holder's head - taken front-on against a light-coloured background - with a minimum height of 20 mm.

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