Exporting vehicles - export plates

A temporary registration certificate, using an export number, can be issued for a vehicle that it to be exported by road. Its validity is limited to the end of the third month after the current month. It is not possible to extend the period of validity or renew the registration.

Who does this apply to?

  • Anyone who lives outside the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and buys a vehicle that was last registered in the Grand Duchy.
  • Garages and assimilated businesses (able to justify being authorised to deal in road vehicles) may carry out the procedure on behalf of their customers.
  • The owner or holder of the vehicle may give written instructions to a third party to carry out the procedure.


The last person selling the vehicle must have an official address in the Grand Duchy.


There are a number of stages in obtaining export plates:

  1. Apply to the SNCA for an export number;
  2. Have the vehicle insured by a vehicle insurance company that is approved in the Grand Duchy;
  3. Collect the export plates from a number plate manufacturer; GRÜN SIGNALISATION S.àr.l. (Howald), LUX-SIGNALISATION (Esch-sur-Alzette) or PLAQUES MOINS CHERES S.àr.l. (Sandweiler)
  4. Have the vehicle registered.

The application for an export plate number can only be made at the SNCA in Sandweiler. The following documents must be submitted:

  • In the case of a natural person, his/her ID document;
  • In the case of a legal person, a document justifying the address of its registered office (e.g. extract from Register of Commerce edited less than six months previously);
  • Pay the fee of 72,60€ (during the year 2023) as well as a deposit of 100 €.

To proceed with registering the vehicle, the documents to be produced can be viewed using the following links:

Time limits

The process for obtaining export plates and the registration can take up a lot of time, depending on how much time is spent with each contact. That means you need to allow an entire day for obtaining export plates.

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