Theft and usurpation of number plates

Theft of number plates

If one or both number plates are stolen, you must immediately lodge a complaint with the police. You will be given a declaration of theft or a record of your complaint, which you will need to carry out the procedure for replacing the number plates.

The old registration number is not re-allocated for a period of ten years from the presumed date of the theft, although it remains reserved for the holder or owner of the vehicle.

Usurpation of number plates

It is against the law to usurp number plates (i.e. using false number plates, bearing an existing number, on a vehicle). You will know this has happened if you receive fines indicating your number when your vehicle was not in the place where the fine was accrued.

  • You must lodge a complaint with the police immediately.

If the person concerned feels that his/her safety or privacy is compromised, the registration number may be replaced, on the basis of a special authorisation. Special authorisation may be requested by sending an e-mail to, attaching a copy of the complaint filed.

Supporting documents

To be able to replace a registration number following the above cases, you must first apply for a new number or use a registration number still reserved in his or her name

To change the number on the registration certificate, applicants must send the following documents:

  • a duly completed and signed registration certificate application form (Demande en obtention d'un certificat d'immatriculation) ;
  • if applicable, a tax stamp ;
  • a valid insurance certificate, established by an insurance company accredited in the Grand Duchy and bearing the new registration number ;
  • the declaration of theft established by the police ;
  • parts 1 (grey) and 2 (yellow) of the registration certificate ;
  • a valid technical inspection certificate, if the vehicle is covered by one ;
  • the passport or ID card of the holder, owner or keeper of the vehicle .

If the application is submitted by a third party, that person must present a written power of attorney (mandate). In this case, it is important to ensure that all documents mention the name of the holder, owner or keeper of the vehicle in whose name the vehicle is registered, and not that of their representative (mandate holder).

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