Theory test

Theory tests are held at one of the test centres, by appointment, within a specified timeframe.

On the day of the theory test

For organisational reasons, you are asked to arrive at the test centre 10 minutes before the start of the test, bringing with you a valid ID document and your learner's certificate.

Candidate who fail to attend without having given 24 hours notice and those who take the test again after a previous failure are required to pay a resit fee of 30 euros before taking the test and present a form in respect of an application to resit the theory test (Demande de réadmission à l'examen théorique). Your driving school can provide you with these documents.

NB The resit fee (taxe de réadmission) cannot be paid to the person supervising the theory test.

Test centres

Questions for the theory test

Test online your knowledge for the theory part of the driving licence. Rules for giving way, road signs, behaviour to adopt in dangerous situations. The online test comprises 20 questions selected randomly from all the questions available (covering all categories of driving licences). Be aware that, as your category may not be entered, the answers may not be the same as for the category of driving licence you are aiming for. In that case, you should refer to the legislation for the correct answer. A simplified version of the legislation on driving licences exists in the form of the popular Luxembourg highway code (Code de la Route populaire). This basic handbook is usually used in driving schools for preparing candidates for the theory and practical tests for obtaining a driving licence. The book can be bought at bookshops and from the Securité Routière association.


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