Procedures in connection with vintage vehicles


According to Article 2(2.23) of the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 23 November 1955 on the Luxembourg Highway Code:

The term 'vintage vehicle' (véhicule historique) may be applied to any road vehicle subject to registration that meets all the following conditions:

  • the vehicle must have been built or first registered at least 30 years earlier, and its specific type, as defined in the relevant European Union or national legislation, must no longer be in production;
  • the vehicle has been preserved for historic reasons and maintained in its original state, with no essential alterations to the technical characteristics of its main components.

The vehicle must be in good running order, and its appearance and characteristics must be the same as those of the period.

For example (the list is not exhaustive), vintage vehicles must not have had any non-contemporary alterations made to their chassis, bodywork, steering system, braking system, transmission or suspension systems, or engine. Vintage vehicles must not have been modernised.

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