Renting red plates

Red plates are temporary plates, available to rent from the SNCA (only at Sandweiler). Red plates are intended for use by people resident in the Grand Duchy; they allow the transfer, test driving and presentation of the vehicle to a technical inspection body or equivalent.

Using red plates

A vehicle with red plates may be driven in the Grand Duchy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Red plates may be used on a vehicle on the road for:

  1. taking the shortest possible journey from the factory, storage facility, point of sale or repair workshop to its destination;
  2. presenting a new or second-hand vehicle to potential customers;
  3. a repair-related test vehicle;
  4. taking the shortest possible journey to its destination if it is not validly registered.

The vehicle must have a valid technical inspection certificate if one is required (e.g. vehicles more than 4 years old).

Validity of red plates

The period of validity is indicated on the document in respect of putting a road vehicle into service under the cover of red plates (Fiche de mise en circulation d’un véhicule routier sous le couvert de plaques rouges) supplied with the red plates. The plates may be valid for up to 15 working days (not including public holidays and weekends).

How to obtain red plates

Reserve a set of red plates by contacting the SNCA by either e-mail or phone.

Supporting documents

On the day you collect the set of red plates, bring with you:

  • the vehicle's chassis number;
  • information about the journey to be made (place of departure, place of arrival);
  • the driver's driving licence;
  • the driver's passport or ID card;
  • the amount of the security deposit, which must be provided at the time of collecting the plates.

Further information is available on our information sheet.

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