Transferring a personalised registration number

The current holder of a personalised registration number may assign the number to another person for the purpose of registering a vehicle with the number in question. Personalised 4-digit numbers are not concerned by this procedure.

The transfer of a personalised registration number must be completed before the number can be used to register a vehicle. This is done by sending a completed Transfer of a registration number form, signed by both parties concerned and accompanied by a copy of their ID documents, by e-mail to

Once transferred, a personalised number remains assigned to its new holder for 36 months. At the end of that period, if the new holder has not used the number to register a vehicle, the number will revert to the SNCA and will become available again for other applicants.

When the holder of a personalised registration number dies, his/her heir, parent or first-degree relative is entitled to keep the personalised registration number.

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