Control card

The features of the control card are:

  • May be issued to an officer with responsibility for control or to an authority responsible for the control and is essential for access and downloading of data registered on a driver card and into a central unit when a control is carried out on the road or in the company
  • Able to contain 230 recordings relating to control activities
  • Issued by the member State where the company has its registered office
  • Mainly blue in colour
  • A control body may hold several personalised control cards
  • each in the name of one control officer; the card includes the officer's photo, surname(s) and first name(s).
  • There is no charge for the card
  • Card valid for 2 years.

The application for a control card (initial application or renewal) must be accompanied by:

  • A duly completed and signed control card application form;
  • An application indicating the surnames, first names and functions of the proposed card holders, with a specimen signature for each applicant;
  • A recent photograph on flexible paper, 35 mm wide and 45 mm high, of the proposed card holder's head - taken front-on against a light-coloured background - with a minimum height of 20 mm.

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