Red plates for professionals

Use of red plates

Red plates are temporary plates. Red plates allow the transfer, test driving and presentation of the vehicle to a technical inspection body or equivalent.

Red plates are only allocated to those natural and legal persons who are authorised to deal in or repair road vehicles that are subject to registration.

Red plates may be used on a vehicle on the road for:

  • the direct journey from the point of sale or storage of the vehicle to its destination
  • presenting the vehicle to a customer
  • test vehicles in connection with repair work
  • for breakdown recovery, if the vehicle is designed and fitted for this purpose
  • taking the shortest possible journey to its destination if it is not validly registered.

The use of red plates when presenting a vehicle to customers is conditional on the vehicle being driven by either the holder of the red plates or its representative, or the customer, on condition for this last case that the holder of the red plates:

It is compulsory to indicate the identity of the person hiring the red plates, the vehicle to which they are to be fitted, and the intended route, as specified in this contract.

Except for motorcycles, tricycles, mopeds, light four-wheel cycles, trailers and towed vehicles, which only require one red plate to be displayed at the rear, all other vehicles on the road under the provisions of this article must display both red plates, showing the same number; these must be affixed vertically and visibly, one at the front and the other at the rear of the vehicle. However, if the red plates are used on a group of vehicles comprising either one motor vehicle towing a trailer or another vehicle, or one motor vehicle fitted out as a breakdown recovery vehicle towing a vehicle that is not validly registered, the two red plates only need to be affixed to the front of the lead vehicle and at the rear of the vehicle being towed.


Validity of red plates

Red plates are valid for a limited period, which expires automatically at the end of the second year following the year in which they were issued.


How to obtain red plates

You can apply directly to the Ministry with responsibility for transport, for the attention of:

Service immatriculation, contrôle technique et homologation des véhicules

Madam Fanny VITRIOLO
Tel. : 247-84964
Email :


Downloadable form:


Documents to be attached:

  1. Copy of the business permit (autorisation d'établissement);
  2. Copy of the company’s articles of association or similar document;
  3. Recent (less than one month old) extract from the Register of Commerce;
  4. Certificate indicating the NACE code;
  5. Copy of both sides of the valid ID card of the person responsible for the company;
  6. in the event of red plates being lost: Declaration of loss and number of plates lost




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