Management of temporary registrations

(Gestion des immatriculations temporaires - GIT)

Luxembourg's Highway Code provides for the possibility of issuing a temporary registration certificate which expires after five working days.

The certificate entitles the holder of a personalised registration number wishing to register a vehicle in his/her own name under this number to continue driving temporarily (for a maximum of five full working days) with an old vehicle registered under the same personalised number, for which the registration card, or parts I and II of the registration certificate, have been handed over to either the SNCA or a garage recognised by the SNCA for the purpose, with a view to its being deregistered.

A temporary registration certificate may only be created via the GIT app, which can be accessed via the SNCA's website.

Access to the GIT service is restricted to legal persons (companies and businesses) meeting the following criteria:

  • they must be established in a member State of the European Union;
  • they must hold, in that State, an authorisation to trade in road vehicles;
  • they must be listed in the Register of Commerce in that State;
  • they must be identifiable by means of a (Community) VAT number.

The SNCA may demand proof in the form of a certificate issued by a competent authority (ministry, court, register of commerce, etc.).

To register to use this service, please use the form entitled 'Request to register for the management of temporary registrations' (Demande d'inscription à la gestion des immatriculations temporaires).

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