Vehicles licence plates

How can I make sure that my serial licence plates number or personalised licence plates number is registered on my name?

Confirmations of registration number reservations are sent by the SNCA by post to the holder of the number.

Private persons can check the reservation of a licence plate in their personal space on

I bought a vehicle in Luxembourg and it already has licence plates, can I keep them?

The situation must be reviewed by SNCA by contacting us.

Can I choose my licence plate number?

Yes, it is possible to select a so-called "personalised licence plate number". For more details please visit our web page Obtaining a registration number.

I would like to change the licence plates number of my vehicle.

It is prohibited to change the licence plates number of a vehicle which is already registered in your name. Changing the licence plates number plate is only permitted in the event of a change of ownership or theft of the licence plates.

What are the forbidden letters combinations?

The following letter combinations are not allowed: AA, CD, HJ, KK, KZ, PD, SA, SS, WC and ZZ.

Similarly, combinations of letters containing the letters I or O cannot be asked for.

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