Driving licence

What do I do when my foreign driver's licence has expired?

If your residence is in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you must apply for an exchange of your foreign driving licence.

Attention: a medical certificate must be added, if the person reaches the age of 60 years and/or category C/D is no longer valid to the foreign driver's license.

My foreign driver's license was lost/stolen.

If your place of residence is in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you must apply for an exchange.

Please note that if you have not made a registration, you must also provide a certificate of authenticity, issued by the competent authority of the country that issued the driving licence.

Am I notified that my driver's license is expiring?

Yes, a letter is automatically sent to you 2 months before your driving licence expires (provided you have a Luxembourg driving licence).

How long before the licence expires can a driver's licence be renewed?

The driving licence can be renewed at the earliest 3 months before it expires.

I've had my name changed, how do I get it on my driver's licence?

Once the change has been made in the National Registry of Natural Persons (Registre national des personnes physiques - RNPP), you can apply to renew your driving licence.

I live in France/Belgium, can I ride a 125 ccm motorcycle with my category B driving licence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?

Persons with a French and Belgian driving licence who have obtained a national category similar to the Luxembourg national category B100 are not allowed to ride their motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of 125 ccm on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

I live abroad and my Luxembourg driving licence is expiring, what should I do?

The Driving Licence Service can only issue driving licences for residents of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Persons residing abroad, in the case of an expired driver's license, must apply for an exchange/transcription in their new country of residence.

Sometimes this request requires the provision of a certificate of authenticity which can be obtained from the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works. More information on Guichet.lu.

I've had eye surgery, what do I have to do to remove the restriction?

You must complete a Renewal application and provide a medical certificate from an ophthalmologist with the new acuity values obtained.

Can someone else get my driver's licence?

Yes, a third party can pick up your new driver's licence as long as you surrender your current licence.

How long do I have to be a resident to exchange/transcribe my driver's licence?

You must have established your residence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for 185 days.

Where can I find explanations of the categories?

Explanations of the categories can be found on the Transport portal of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works.

I have a class B driver's license, can I ride a tricycle?

Anyone who obtained category B before 19.01.2013 may ride a tricycle.

Anyone who has obtained category B after 19.01.2013 may not ride a tricycle, he must be in possession of category A. Category A2 does not permit the driving of a tricycle.

On my old driver's license it said I can drive a trailer, on the new one it doesn't say, can I drive a trailer?

Driving licences issued before 01.10.1996 carried category E1 together with category B allowing a trailer with an MAM < 750 kg to be coupled to a category B vehicle provided that the coupled combination did not exceed an MAM of 3.5t.

On driving licences issued after that date, category E1 shall be included in category B and category E1 shall no longer be explicitly mentioned on the driving licence.

I lost my apprenticeship certificate, how do I get a new one?

You must request a duplicate from your driving school, which will forward the request to the SNCA.

The certificate of apprenticeship will be drawn up and sent by post.

How long is a certificate of apprenticeship valid?

A certificate of apprenticeship is valid for 3 years, with the exception of category F, which is valid for 1 year.

Where can I get an international driving licence?

Pour l'obtention d'un permis de conduire international, une demande doit être adressée à l’Automobile Club Luxembourg (ACL).

I live in France/Germany/Belgium, can I get my driving licence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Indeed, to be able to do the driving licence in Luxembourg, you must be resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

If the candidate establishes residence in a neighbouring country while undergoing training, he or she can no longer complete the training.

Where appropriate, the applicant may apply for recognition of his or her education in his or her new country of residence.

Where can I buy the chancellery stamps for the theory re-admission exam?

The candidate will have to pay a re-admission fee of 30€ before taking the exam. This fee must be requested from the driving school.

N.B. The officer supervising the knowledge test does not sell readmission fees.

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