Registration and registration certificate

Which vehicles are not subject to registration?

The following vehicles do not need to be registered:

  • Bicycles,
  • Bicycles with pedaling assistance,
  • Electric bicycles,
  • Vehicles intended to be trailed by bicycles,
  • Motor vehicles intended to be conducted by one or more pedestrians,
  • Motor vehicles which, by construction, do not exceed a speed of 6 km/h,
  • Motorised wheelchairs with a maximum construction speed of more than 6 km/h,
  • Tractors and mobile machinery whose maximum construction speed exceeds 6 km/h but does not exceed 25 km/h and whose unladen mass does not exceed 600 kg,
  • Towed vehicles which are not intended for the transport of persons,
  • Military and army vehicles.
Which vehicles are never subjected to the periodic technical inspection?

Vehicles that are subject to registration in Luxembourg and are not subject to a periodic technical inspection may only be put into circulation on the public road under cover of a valid conformity vignette, to be acquired at the SNCA.

The following road vehicles are not subject to the periodic technical inspection:

  • Motor vehicles whose maximum construction speed does not exceed 25 km/h;
  • Trailers which are not intended for the transport of persons and whose maximum authorised mass does not exceed 750 kg;
  • Mopeds and light quads;
  • Tractors and mobile machinery whose maximum construction speed does not exceed 40 km/h, with an unladen mass of more than 600 kg, and which are not intended to exceed 25 km/h when towed by one or more other vehicles;
  • Historic vehicles that were first put into circulation before 1 January 1950.
I would like to buy a used car outside Luxembourg, which I would like to transfer to Luxembourg by road. What do I have to do to drive legally?

Most countries have a temporary registration procedure similar to the Luxembourg "Export" plates. These registrations are recommended. Within the Benelux, in view of the existing multilateral agreements, red plates (dealer's plates), which can be rented at the SNCA, can be used.

I have just established my residence in Luxembourg. Do I have to register my vehicle directly in Luxembourg if it is still registered in my homeland?

According to Luxembourg law, you have six months from the date of establishment to complete the registration formalities.

If I have deregistered my vehicle and received the registration document marked "Véhicule non immatriculé" ("Unregistered vehicle"), can I drive the vehicle?

No. The registration document with the inscription "Véhicule non immatriculé" ("Unregistered vehicle") (so-called export certificate) is not valid for driving on public roads. It is better to bring the vehicle to its destination before deregistration.

I don't have time to come to SNCA to complete my procedures. Can I send a third person?

Another person may come in place of the owner or keeper of the vehicle to carry out one of the SNCA procedures. The owner or keeper of the vehicle must draw up a written power of attorney or authorisation for that person and produce a copy of his identity card.

However, the forms and documents required for the procedure must be completed and signed by the owner or keeper of the vehicle. The power of attorney does not entitle the authorised representative to sign.

Can I register a vehicle in the name of a minor?

Yes, but each document submitted as required by this operation must be signed by a person authorised to exercise parental authority over the minor concerned or an agreement to register the vehicle, drawn up by a person entitled to exercise parental authority, must be added to the registration file.

How can I get a proof that a vehicle does no longer belongs to me?

You must fill in and sign the form Request for proof of ownership (Demande d'une preuve de propriété) and submit the required documents by e-mail (

The certificate which is then issued costs 19.80€. Before the fees are paid by bank transfer, the SNCA will confirm if the procedure is possible.

If I move abroad, do I first have to deregister my car in Luxembourg?

No. The registration certificate of the vehicle is recognised by the other EU Member States for re-registration. The authorities will withdraw the old registration certificate and notify the SNCA. However, it is advisable that the vehicle owner submits proof of the registration of the vehicle outside Luxembourg and the withdrawal of the old registration certificate either in writing or by email.

How much time do I have after buying a vehicle for registration?

The vehicle must be registered as soon as possible. The vehicle can only be used after it has been registered in your name.

The required 'Droit de Chancellerie' tax stamp

Tax stamps are available:

  • at the Registration Duties, Estates and VAT Authority (AED)
  • at the SNCA (management fees of 3.00 € will be charged)
  • Tax stamps can be replaced by a transfer to the BCEE account LU76 0019 5955 4404 7000 of the AED (Diekirch office - Receipt). Please indicate the registration number and chassis number of the vehicle concerned in the 'communication' section. Proof of the transfer must be attached to the application.

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