Selling a vehicle

When a Luxembourg-registered vehicle is transferred, sold or sold for export, you must notify the SNCA within five working days. This must be done by registered letter or by handing the information in personally, and obtaining an acknowledgement of receipt, at the SNCA's offices.

Who is concerned?

  • Anyone who owns or holds a Luxembourg-registered vehicle.
  • Garages and assimilated businesses (able to justify being authorised to deal in road vehicles) may carry out the procedure on behalf of their customers.
  • If the application is submitted by a third party, that person must present a written power of attorney (mandate). In this case, it is important to ensure that all documents mention the name of the holder, owner or keeper of the vehicle in whose name the vehicle will be registered, and not that of their representative (mandate holder).

Supporting documents

To deregister a vehicle, applicants are required to submit the following to the SNCA:

  • the form declaring that the vehicle has been deregistered (Déclaration de mise hors circulation), duly completed and signed;
  • Parts 1 and 2 of the registration certificate;
  • the passport or ID card of the holder, owner or keeper of the vehicle;
  • If the vehicle is covered by a VAT or Customs exemption, official proof attesting that the vehicle's situation is regular must be produced;
  • If the person carrying out the procedure is not the holder or owner indicated on the registration certificate:
    • either the written power of attorney (mandate) from the holder or owner of the vehicle,
    • or proof of ownership.

After a vehicle has been deregistered, it is no longer allowed to drive the vehicle on public roads.

Sale for export

In order to re-register elsewhere a vehicle that has been registered in the Grand Duchy, the vehicle's owner can obtain an export attestation (attestation d'exportation) from the SNCA (the two parts of the registration certificate, marked 'vehicle not registered' (véhicule non immatriculé). To obtain an export attestation, applicants must produce the documents listed in the 'Supporting documents' section and pay a fee of 19.60€ (during the year 2023).

The holder, owner or keeper of a road vehicle is required to remove the licence plates.

The holder, owner or keeper of a vehicle from which licence plates are removed is required to destroy them or have them destroyed, unless the plates are used to register another vehicle in his name.

Application processing

The procedure to deregistered the vehicle can be done:


  • by making the online procedure at (private individuals only).

  • by attending one of the SNCA's reception together with the supporting documents.
  • by sending an application together with the supporting documents by post, preferably by registered post.


The vehicle must be declared deregistered within 5 working days of being sold.

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