Re-registering a vehicle after it has been temporarily deregistered

When a road vehicle has been temporarily deregistered, before it can be put back on the road again its owner or holder must carry out the procedure for putting the vehicle back on the road.

Who does this apply to?

  • This applies to any owner or holder of a vehicle that was last registered in Luxembourg.
  • Garages and assimilated businesses (able to justify being authorised to deal in road vehicles) may carry out the procedure on behalf of their customers.
  • The owner or holder of the vehicle may give written instructions to a third party to carry out the procedure.


The vehicle must not have been deregistered as of right.

The vehicle can only be re-registered if the owner has not changed.

Supporting documents

The vehicle can be re-registered on production of the following documents:

  • a duly completed and signed registration certificate application form (Demande en obtention d'un certificat d'immatriculation);
  • the passport or ID card of the owner and/or holder of the vehicle;

The original of each document must be produced.

For any other documents that may be required, please consult the FAQ section.

Application processing

The procedure to re-registering a vehicle can be done:


  • by making the online procdure at (private individuals only).

  • by attending one of the SNCA's reception together with the supporting documents.
  • by sending an application together with the supporting documents by post.

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